Welcome to Nursery!

We are extremely proud of how quickly our nursery children have settled into the nursery routine this term! Since our home visits in September, we have seen the children grow in confidence and make fantastic progress. Each morning they will wave goodbye to their parents and carers and immerse themselves in provision, independently choosing activities and sharing experiences with friends. Their enthusiasm to learn and explore has shone through and has impressed us all!

Autumn 1

The field next to nursery was undergoing development and was a busy hub of activity with builders and trucks coming and going. The children watched with fascination and imitated their observations in their play. It was fantastic to see the children so engaged in role play based on their own experiences and observations.

World Maths day

For World Maths Day on the 14th October, the children engaged with various mathematical activities. The children made their own masks to help us with our number songs. We made masks for ‘Five Little Ducks’, ‘Five Cheeky Monkeys’ and ‘Five Astronauts’.

The children have been exploring a story this half term. We gave the children a book to explore and wrote down the story that they told. Here are a few of the children’s stories. “The car is going ‘wee wee wee’ to the house. The monster is going to pop the balloon. There’s rockets, they go blast off! The monster is in the sky. The monster is taking pictures. The monster crashed the rocket over the town. The tiny boat. The monster takes the trees over there. The monster hid the sand over the cars. The monster is making a mess. The moon is going up. The monster breaks the moon. The ghost ate the monster in his tummy. The ghost stand on the man’s hat. The hat just blown away. Look a knight! He is going to get the ghost with the sword. The knight blown away.” By Jayden

“Once upon a time, he was in a dolls house. There was trees growing, they grow up to the sky. The man looks out and she saw the trees, and there is a beach. He sees all the water and goes in his house. He sees a car and a dolls house and he has custard creams.” By Thierno

“Once upon a time, they was an island. Erm… singing trees. Buildings, there’s one…two…three…four…five…six…seven… eight…nine…ten and eleven! What happened was loads of loads of trees, sun, space and picnic thing. I see a robot! The robot is doing ‘argh argh’. I see a Viking. What’s that? A giant! ‘Fee fi fo fum I smell… a tree!’ And I don’t understand this bit. I see fire, it has three flags and a door! I see a rocket flying to the moon. go on the moon coz that’s what rockets do. I see… food, to eat! I see more food!” By Oliver H

“Erm… like an island. There rocks and some sand and a small rocky island and the water is all the way here. That’s the baby and that’s the pirate and that is the princess. That one coz I want it. This is the castle where the princess lives. A computer, a seat and that where the mummy cooks. A sofa and a clock. The train and the cars and the bus. A bike. I got a bike and it comes with a bag and it’s pink. Food, bread, apples, erm… ice cream, cake, jelly… I like eating that. My grandma gives me that! Clothes and some ties and a dress. Some new shoes and slippers and a hat. A monkey and a dragon. A doctor and a superhero. The watering the flowers. The bed, two bed, bunk bed!!” By Gloria O’H


We had a focus on name writing and were amazed by the pen control that our nursery children have!

We reminded the children of the good practice that we should follow when we are writing such as sitting on our chair correctly and sitting close to the table. Below is some of the children’s work.

Autumn 2

This half term, the children have been focusing on vehicles. The interest was sparked as the children watched the builders and their vehicles last half term and has developed further since we received our brand new bikes.

Transport Museum Trip

Purple and Blue groups went on a trip to the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport. We caught the number 42 bus just outside school with our friends and grown-ups. It was a double decker bus which made us very excited! After a half an hour journey, we arrived at the museum and were greeted by our lovely tour guides Paul and Barry. As soon as we walked through the door, we saw buses as far as our eyes could see!! We began our trip on a tram from the year 1991 and went backwards in time to Victorian transport. We saw a carriage that was being pulled by some horses and an old wooden cable car! We saw a bus that said Heaton Park on the front of it! That bus used to drive very close to our school. We had a chance to board lots of buses, even an open topped bus! We were also lucky enough to have a turn at pretending to drive a bus, using the steering wheel and gear stick. We ended our trip with lunch on a tram and a chance to dress up as a bus driver. We really enjoyed our trip and couldn’t wait to tell our friends about our day!


We have been gearing up for Christmas in Nursery and have been extremely busy. As a lot of our children are excited about Christmas, we have followed their interests and planned Christmas themed activities to do. Our first activity was to wrap a gift and write a gift tag. This enabled the children to practise their fine motor control by using scissors and writing.

Following our gift activity, the children became interested in delivering gifts and cards. We have followed this interest and are setting up a role play post office for the children to enhance their experiences.

Below are photographs of some of our children making a post box.

We have also written letters to our friends and will be posting them through Royal Mail as a nice surprise before Christmas.


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Spring Term

We have come back to nursery following the Christmas break already geared up to learn.

The new term has brought us lots of excitement and challenge. In our first week back, we settled back into our nursery routine. We all came back very bravely, hardly any tears! On the first Friday in school, we had a surprise when we looked out of our windows; there was lots of snow covering the ground and the cars! It was a very slow and careful walk to school for most of us! We had lots of fun exploring the snow but had to remember to be careful. Lyndsay scooped up a lot of snow from outside and brought it inside for us to explore. We put some in the water tray and watched how it melted. We also used our water equipment to see how the snow looked and moved when it was inside different containers or going down a chute.

Our interest in transport has continued to develop and we have started to design our own petrol station outside in the nursery garden. We have been using crates and some hose pipe for the petrol pumps and have been pretending that our bikes had broken down and ran out of petrol! We have even put a till inside the petrol station so that we can pay for our petrol with money. It is very expensive!


Now that we are settled back into our school routine, we are exploring our learning in different places. We are now visiting the library in school to read and explore books. We are very interested in rhyme at the moment and have loved reading “The Smartest Giant in Town”. We have even played a game with some picture cards to match the rhyming sounds.


We have been enhancing our super hero role play area by writing our own action signs. We have considered how our super heroes move around and what noises they would make. We then used these noises to write our action signs.

We have also been practicing writing our names to see the progress that we have made. Some of us are even having a go at writing our surnames!

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Transport Museum Trip

Orange and Green groups went on a trip to the Greater Manchester Transport Museum in Cheetham Hill.

We boarded the number 42 bus on Victoria Avenue and travelled to the museum. Our tour guides, Paul and Barry were waiting for us upon our arrival and spent the whole morning showing us around the museum. There was so much to look at! We boarded lots of old buses that used to drive around Manchester before we were born! We even hopped on to an old wooden tram! There was a carriage that was being pulled by horses and even a very old fire engine with a bell on the side! We all had a go at ringing the bell to warn people of a pretend fire.

We took a packed lunch on our trip and sat on a tram from the year 1991 to eat our lunch. It was lots of fun!

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School Library

We have been visiting our school library every week and have been exploring books.

We have discussed how to use the library, selecting appropriate books and using our quiet voices.

We have a whole section of books to choose from and can now independently select books to read. We enjoy reading fictional story books, allowing our imaginations to run wild! We have also been exploring non-fiction texts that give us lots of information.









Lending Library

We have been engaging with reading at home through our lending library books. Each week our teachers change our books so that we have something different to read at home. Our teachers love to read the comments from our families about our reading. They can see all of the progress that we are making! We have been reading lots this half term and will continue to keep up the hard work!

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Healthy Eating

To celebrate being a healthy school, we have been making and enjoying healthy snacks.

We have discussed why it is important to eat healthy food, looking at what happens to our bodies if we don’t and agreeing that it is ok to have unhealthy treats now and again.

We sampled some healthy dips; humus, tzatziki and low fat cheese with some vegetables to dip in. We sliced up carrot, cucumber, pepper and celery to try our dips with.

We also made some fruit skewers inspired by the hungry caterpillar. We looked at the fruits that he munched through in the story and created our own tasty skewer.

Our favourite healthy food activity was making sandwiches! We followed recipes to help us to successfully make a sandwich. We used some low fat spread to butter our bread, then chose our sandwich fillings and added salad before slicing it into four and eating it.

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Valentine’s Day Stay and Read

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by inviting our families into school to play, and read with us.

We made Valentine’s cards for our secret Valentine’s and coloured in some pictures to use as presents. It was lovely to spend time with our grown-ups!













Little Strikers

The children have been engaging with a pre-football skills programme, Little Strikers.

Within the sessions, the children discuss what exercise is and how it keeps our bodies healthy. We observe what exercise does to our bodies and talk about why it is important to do exercise to stay healthy.

We use lots of equipment to play games that help us with our physical development. We are learning how to follow a series of instructions and how to work as a team.

We have been using different parts of our feet to touch a prickly stump to develop our coordination. We now know about the different parts of our foot and how to use them to move a ball around.

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It Snowed!

We had an amazing day at nursery when it snowed! We watched the snow falling and got extremely excited when it began sticking and got deeper and deeper!

Our adults took us out onto the field to play in the snow. We explore the different texture and temperature and then decided to make a snowman! We all worked together to roll a big body for the snowman and then a smaller head. We found some stones for the buttons, mouth and eyes. Cara gave us her hat and scarf to dress the snowman. We couldn’t find a carrot for the nose… One of our friends had an idea to use a pear instead!

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We Planted Sunflowers!

We have been exploring change this half term and have noticed the first few signs of spring. We have heard lots of birds singing in the trees and have noticed that the leaves and flowers are growing again.

Chloe brought in some seeds and showed them to us. We discussed what they were and told her what we needed to do with them. We agreed that we needed to plant them in soil so that they can grow. We then discussed what we would need to do to care for the seed to help it to grow into a plant. Through discussion and research, we decided that we would need to water it and give it lots of light.

We have been monitoring the progress of our sunflowers and have notices that the seeds have begun to sprout and some of them have grown tall shoots.

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Our Sponsored 3K Walk

All of the children in nursery completed a 3K walk to raise money for our school trip to the farm and to fulfill one of our futures curriculum requirements.

We took home some sponsor forms and asked our families to sponsor us to do the walk in one school day.

On the day of the walk, we split into groups and completed six laps of the whole school grounds! To keep us motivated, we told stories and sang songs as we walked. We successfully went on a bear hunt and walked through the jungle!

All of the children completed the whole 3K walk and we raised around £500!!

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Visit to Smithill’s Farm

We went on a coach to Smithills Farm in Bolton.  We had a fantastic, and very busy day!  The farmers took us to feed sheep, deer, goats and alpaca. We saw the meerkats sunbathing and rode on donkeys.  We also had a tractor ride, which was really bumpy and fun.  At the pets corner, we fed baby lambs and held chicks and rabbits.

Back at school we have enjoyed playing with the small world farm as well as drawing and writing about our experiences.

Firefighter Visit

We had a very special visit from some firefighters from Blackley Fire Station. The firefighters came in their fire engine and we got to hear the sirens and see all of the special equipment. Firefighter Nicola showed us the special clothes she wears to keep herself safe and we learnt about the different jobs firefighters do.

Sports Day

The children competed against the other houses in a range of events:
Egg and spoon race
Balancing race
Sack race
Beanbag toss
All the children tried really hard and there was a fantastic turnout of parents who came to spectate.  It was a shame that the weather wasn’t on our side but we still had a great time and the children have been asking to practice the events since.









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