Year 1 Miss Koser

Welcome to the Year 1 Lowry class page.

We have all settled well into class and are working hard.

Recently an egg appeared in our classroom, we wrote letters to the egg and the egg wrote back. On Monday a baby crocodile hatched from the egg. We are waiting to find out why he is in our classroom. We think that he might need our help!

The crocodile sent us a book called ‘Where’s my Mummy’. We wrote the story of where’s my Mummy. The grown up’s are very proud of our work!

We reunited the baby crocodile with his Mummy. He is happy now.

We have also been learning about our bodies in topic

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is Our Manchester. We will be looking at where Manchester is, what is in Manchester and how Manchester has changed in recent years.

We have been looking at the book ‘Billy’s bucket’.

We have explored character descriptions, setting descriptions, talk for writing, adjectives and we have also been working on changing a story by changing the character or the setting. We have also wrote newspaper reports focusing on the ending of the story Billy’s bucket, where the whale escapes from the bucket and blocks the street. We used a headline, subheadings, factual information and photos.

In Maths

we have been working on place value, number bonds to 10 and 20, addition, subtraction and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We sing along to this song in class:

We went to see the Pantomime Peter Pan at Stockport Plaza. We had an amazing time; the children really enjoyed visiting the theatre and watching the performance. It was a pleasure to take out such well-behaved and well-mannered children. The Year One staff are so proud of all of you, well done everyone!

We also had a visit from the Pantomime Aladdin in school. We enjoyed watching the show. It was so exciting!

Next Half term our topic is frozen. We will be learning about keeping warm in cold temperatures, arctic animals and arctic explorers. We will be focusing on Ernest Shackleton. In English we will be studying the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and in Maths we will be learning about time, place value, measuring, fractions, multiplication and division.

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Class Update

This week in Year one we have been thinking about feelings and sentence structures.

 In maths we have been solving problems relating to the months of the year. We have been thinking about keeping warm in topic and have done another science experiment.
Next week we are writing our own stories, exploring the number system and studying arctic animals!
Good Worker:

Spring 1

Week beginning 9/1/17

This week in Year One we have had news that a penguin is on the loose in Blackley. Have you seen him? He has been seen near Tesco and the Post office. We are trying to locate him. We have designed missing penguin posters, wrote a letter to the boy and wrote descriptions about the characters. We hope that we can find him soon!

In maths we have been learning about time. We are learning o’clock and half past.

In topic we have started our new Frozen topic. We went on a winter walk looking for signs of winter. (Unfortunately we did not see any snow!)

We also did a science experiment with blocks of ice. We put sugar, salt and sand onto different blocks of ice to see which material melted the ice the fastest. We found that it was the salt.

Week beginning 16/1/17

This week in Year One we have been sequencing the story of lost and found. We have also been writing about how the penguin is feeling. We have had an email telling us that he has been seen in the local area and in the Reception class having a bath in the water tray!

In maths we have been solving problems based on the days of the week and the months of the year. We have been using this song to practise the months of the year.

In topic we have been writing about the things that we need to keep warm.

We have also done a science experiment where we tested what material is the best to keep water cold. We found that the polystyrene was.

In RE we watched the animation of the story of Zacchaeus. We talked about why Jesus was a good friend and if it was always easy for him to be a good friend.




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Week beginning 23rd January 2017

This week in Year One we have been working really hard.

In English we have been writing stories based on the book ‘Lost and Found‘.

In maths we have been learning about numbers. We have been playing games with missing numbers and completing number sequences and also have been solving lots of problems!

In Topic we have been comparing Blackley to the Arctic by looking at similarities and differences and have also learnt about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

We have performed our class assembly this week, the year one staff are really proud of all of our hard work! Our grown up’s also came to our classroom to read with us, we really enjoyed it.

Year 1 Lowry Good Work- Whole Class

Year 1 Lowry VIP- Jayden C

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Week beginning 30th January 2017

This week in Year One we have been working really hard.

In English we have been writing a recount based on the penguin’s journey. We used past tense and wrote in the first person! We used lots of detail to make sure that our recounts were amazing.

In Maths we have been learning about Place Value. We have been exploring using base 10 to make numbers. We can use the base 10 to show how many tens and how many ones numbers have.

In Topic we have been creating fact sheets all about Polar Bears. We can tell you all about them.

Did you know that polar bears don’t actually have white fur? Their fur is actually see-through! The hairs reflect all of the light around them, which makes the fur look white.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year this week. We made Chinese lanterns, read the Chinese New Year Story, Watched Chinese New Year Celebrations, Ate fortune cookies and prawn crackers and also took home lucky red envelopes.


Week beginning 6th February 2017

This week in Year One we have been working really hard.

In English we have started a new Traditional Tales Unit. We have read the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have wrote character descriptions to describe the troll and the Billy Goats, we have sequenced the story and wrote the story. We used talk for writing actions to help us to remember the structure of the story.

In Math’s we have been learning about Addition and Subtraction. We have been solving problems involving addition and subtraction and finding the missing numbers in calculations. We have used multi-link, number lines and base 10 to help us solve the problems.

In Topic we have been looking at different habitats and thinking about the animals that might live there. We have been discussing why they live in the habitat and what makes them stay there instead of moving to a new habitat.

We also had a visit from google expeditions. We got to explore the virtual reality app with a partner. It was amazing. We saw the arctic, under the sea, mountain ranges and much more.


Week beginning 13th February 2017

This week in Year One we have been working really hard as usual.

In English we have been writing a changed version of the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have chosen a new animal to replace the Billy Goats and also changed the setting of story. Many of us have decided that our animals are going to cross a road instead of a bridge. Miss Spence and Miss Yeoman are really proud of the work that we have done!

In Maths we have been learning how to measure. We used cubes at the start of the week to measure objects in the classroom and then moved onto using a ruler and measuring in centimeters. We know to put the zero at the start of the object/ line and then look at the end number which tells us how many centimeters long our object is. We also know that we need to use a meter stick to measure things that are too big for our 30cm rulers.

In Topic we watched a video clip showing how the ice hotel in Norway is constructed. We then discussed how the construction workers stay warm in such harsh conditions. We designed a outfit for the construction workers to wear and explained why they needed each item.

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We have also been writing poetry.

Week beginning 27th February 2017

This week in Year One a pirate ship appeared in our classroom! It had a book attached to it for us to read together during our English sessions.

In English we have been using the book ‘Captain Flinn and the Pirate dinosaurs’. We have been working on character descriptions and have been using adverbials of time to sequence the story, for example first, next then etc. We have also been sent a CCTV video of the TREX pirate dinosaur in our classroom.

In Maths we have been learning about multiplication. We have been building arrays using objects, drawing arrays in our books and then solving multiplication problems.

In Topic we have been drawing maps and packing rucksacks that we will be taking with us next week to  Plant Hill Park. We packed everything that we would need to survive on an adventure.

We have also celebrated World Book Day this week. We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters and our teachers came dressed as pirates. We shared reading books with the Year 4 class; we read lots of different books, wrote stories, completed book reviews and designed new book covers. We had lots of fun!

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This week in Year One we have been working very hard.

In English we have been retelling the story of Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs. We have been using talk for writing actions and story maps to help us to remember the story.

In maths we have been learning about division. We have been introduced to the division sign and have been sharing objects into different groups.

In topic on Tuesday we went to the park to build shelters. We took our parent with us and worked in teams to build shelters that were big enough to fit all of our team inside. We worked so hard and really enjoyed ourselves. We have also learnt about Sir Ernest Shackleton and have been writing fact files about his life.

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