Year 2 Miss Hampson

This half term our topic is ‘Our Community’. We looked on Google Earth to find where we live in Blackley. We had so much fun talking about our local community and sharing who our friends and neighbours are. We even saw people we know walking down the street!

We also looked at our local shops and discussed where we go to play, eat and get treated when we’re poorly. The children really enjoyed sharing their home life with the rest of the class and got very excited when they recognized places that they visit, such as Heaton Park.

Peter Pan Theatre Trip

We had such a great time at the theatre. The children were so excited and wrote some amazing recounts of the events of their day and mentioned some of their favourite parts in the play. The children were very well behaved throughout the day and some children were even brave enough to get on stage and sing.

Growth Mindset Week

Throughout the week we looked at different scenarios of how we would respond if we have a growth or fixed mindset. The children worked in groups to discuss the different mindsets and explored why we may develop a fixed mindset and how we can change our own mindsets!

Year 2 Chadwick Class Assembly

I would just like to say a big thank you to all the parent/carer’s who attended our Class Assembly. The children did you all proud. The feedback and attendance from the parents has been overwhelming. We really appreciate your support with this and look forward to seeing you all at any future events.

Visit to the church

The visit to the church went really well and Eddie, the Vicar was his usual entertaining self!

We joined in with some Christmas songs and talked about the true meaning of Christmas.


In maths we’ve been working out repeated addition and multiplication calculations using numicon shapes to help us. We’re getting much better at multiplications and have been giving each other word problems relating to multiplications to help us to understand how we can use it in real life situations.

Parents’ Evening

Parents evening was a great success and we had lots of positive feedback. Many parents requested some guidance and support for the tests that Year 2 undertake in May next year. Please click on the links below for an example of a maths and reading paper and guidance on the tests.


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Weather Reports

This half term our topic is ‘Frozen’ At the start of the topic, we went on a Winter walk around the school to discuss how the weather and climate has changed. There was quite a chill in the air! Some children recorded videos of themselves reporting on the weather.

Ice Experiment

The children conducted an experiment to test which substance melts ice the quickest. We made our predictions prior to the test and concluded that warm water melts ice quicker than cold water and Rock Salt. We had so much fun exploring ice and observing the changes throughout the day.

Golf Sessions

Year 2 Chadwick have been learning how to play golf this half term. We are getting better and better each week. Some children are amazing at this and I feel that we’ve got some future Tiger Woods in the making.

Cats on the loose!

In English, we’ve been writing our very own reports about some pesky cats that have been causing mayhem around the school. The children listened to eye witness reports and gathered all the evidence to help them to write an informative report about the cats. Keep your eyes out for the cats!

Google Expedition

This half term we’ve been lucky enough to explore many different scenes from around the world, and even Outer Space. The children got very excited about seeing penguins in the Antarctica and Father Christmas in the North Pole!

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