Year 5 Miss Mellon

Welcome to Year 5 Pankhurst.

The children have started year 5 with great enthusiasm and I am so impressed with the children’s attitude to learn. We are continuously facing challenges, but persevere to find resolutions in all areas of school. Throughout the year I hope to raise children’s confidence in every aspect and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the year ahead, with this hard working class.  I aim to develop their aspirations beyond anything they could ever imagine.

Autumn 1

Last half term the children wrote a narrative from a familiar setting.  We looked in great detail at the book Something Else.  This book is all about a character that doesn’t fit it.  This book enabled us to talk about how we work together as one and how we treat others.

“It was a bit challenging because it was our first narrative of year 5 but we carried on trying and doing our best.” Chloe.

This narrative fitted in really well with our topic, which was ‘Ourselves’.  During this topic, we looked at the life cycles of many living things, including plants and humans.

Roald Dahl Day

On the 13th September it was Roald Dahl day.  We managed to share two of Roald Dahl’s books across the week. Our main focus was on the twits.  The children loved hearing the story and the different revenges.  They then wrote their own revenge.  They were vile and horrific.  We then designed Mr Twit’s beard on biscuits.  They certainly didn’t look good enough to eat.

“It was really fun and when we decorated the cookies we made Mr Twit’s beard, using icing.” Rebeka.

“It was fun when we wrote the revenge on the monkeys.” Lauren.

Charlotte’s Web

On the 20th September the children watched a production of Charlotte’s Web in the school hall.  This was a great opportunity for the children to experience. After the production, the children wrote character descriptions about the different characters in the production.

“It was fun and we got to write about what we have learned” Mia.

“It was emotional.” Blessing.

World Maths day

For World Maths Day on the 14th October, the children came in clothes that had shapes, patterns r numbers on them. They took part in a £5 challenge. They had £5 to spend to raise as much money as possible for MacMillian through selling cakes. The children had to work out how much they were going to spend and how much of each ingredient they were going to need.  They weighed and measured, budgeted, worked out profit margins and presented their data.  The children all worked amazing well together and raised over £30 for MacMillian.

“It was really fun doing the recipes.” Ivonna.

Autumn 2

This half term we have looked at the narrative The Troll.  We have used this book to help us write a narrative from geographical setting. Also our topic is all about Benin (in West Africa).  Through learning lots about Benin, we have been able to set our narrative in Benin.  They have also written and non-chronological report about the developments of the school’s field.

“We have learned lots about Africa.” Joy

In maths we have been learning about multiplication, division and more recently statistics.  We have been mastery fluency, reasoning and problem solving for all three areas.  We have also applied these skills into how we would us them outside of school.

Multiplication and Division in the real world

Over the half term, I went to Dubai.  I brought back notes and change in dirhams (Dubai’s currency).  We explored them, looked at the exchanged rates and discussed how I used multiplication and division, whilst I was in Dubai.  I also brought some receipts back. The children calculated that I had paid £17 for ONE ice cream.  WOW! It’s a good job it was delicious.

“It was fun to learn about other countries money.” Fatima.

“We learned how to use multiplication and division in the real world.” Cassie.

Class Author (Autumn term)

Our author this term has been Louis Sachar.  The children have loved reading and listening to his book.  Their favourite book has been Alone in the teacher’s house.  The children have been reading lots in school and lots at home.

“We learned lots and explored stuff about him.” Magaye.

“When miss was reading it, I could really imagine what was happening.” Diarra.

Growth Mindset Week

Week beginning 7th November was growth mind-set week.  We explored what a fixed mind-set is and what a growth mind-set is. The children wrote fixed mind-set phrases and developed them across the week into growth mind-set phrases. Throughout the week, we looked at a book about a little boy who loved to build buildings out of different materials, but he teacher had a fixed mind-set and wouldn’t let him build.  When he needed to save the teacher’s life by building a bridge, the teacher’s mind-set changes.

“If you try your best, you’ll never fail.” Grace.

“Instead of saying I can’t say I can.” Warren.

Opera House

The children went to the Manchester Opera house on the 17th November to watched George’s Marvellous Medicine.  The children laughed from start to finish. Their understanding of the storyline was fantastic.  They set an outstanding example of themselves and the school.

“It was pretty good and I like how the lady got all the way up there.” Joshua.

“I thought it was funny and silly.” Tiegan.

“That was the best day.  We learned lots and then came back and ate food.” Martyna.


On Friday 9th December the children watched Aladdin in the school hall. This was yet again another amazing experience for the children and they loved every minute of it.

“It was really, really good and when it got to the end of was even better.” Kirsten.

“Everything was good because it was funny.” Lee. 

Spring 1

Next term, the children will be looking at the narrative Eliot’s Midnight Superhero.  They will use this to help them write a narrative from an unfamiliar setting.  This links very well with our topic, which will be Time Snatcher.  During this topic, we will be fossils and evolution. We will also be reading Robert Swindells’s book Time Snatch.

In maths, we will be mastering fraction, decimals and percentages.  They will be given to opportunity to explore how all three of these are used in the real world.

Our author next half term is Robert Swindells, which will be fantastic for our new topic.  The children are really looking forward to reading and listening to his books.

Our trip to the church

On the 13th December, we took a trip to St Paul’s church to experience the Christmas story.  The children took part in the story using props and sings lots of songs. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  Eddie and all his team were fantastic.  I would like to thank them for giving up their time to help the children learn about the Christmas story.

Mia said “It was good. It was quite interesting.”

“It was quite nice and it was fun singing the songs.” Joy.

Our Christmas Performance

On the 16th and the 21st December the children were part of of the year 5 and 6 Christmas performance. The children performed traditional Christmas songs, which told the story of Christmas.  The performance ended with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which is the children’s favourite song.  They all song beautifully and enjoyed playing to the grownups.

Josh “Its been good; Especially the songs.  My favourite song is We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

Faye “It was exciting because I like singing in front of other people.”

I’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  See you all in 2017.


Now we are in Year 5, we know how it is important to know all of our number facts instantly! By now, we should all know our times tables facts. Please spend 10 minute every night recalling multiplication facts.


Handwriting is a focus for us this term, as they are assessed on this throughout the year. By Year 5, your child may have developed their own handwriting style. They will be expected to write legibly and fluently, in accordance with the school’s handwriting policy. They will be writing in pen, rather than pencil by this stage and in most cases, should be expected to join all the time. They might still need reminding of certain rules such as – never join capital letters to the following letter!


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Spring Term

In maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions. The children have been working hard to solve problems, using resources to help them.

In English, we have have been looking at Eliot Midnight superhero. We have been using inverted commas, relative pronouns and a range of tense. Today the children presented their super hero and why they are their superhero.

Super hero day

This half term we are looking at the narrative Eliot Midnight Superhero. On Friday, the children came dressed as their favourite superhero.  They created a power point presentation about their super hero, to present to the class. They also created their own superhero on the computer. The then wrote a character description, which included all the special qualities they thought a super hero should have.




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In our Time snatchers topic, we have been learning about classification of different species. The children have blown me away with the subject knowledge and by the questions they asked each other when playing classification guess who.


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Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

French with the Co-op Academy

We were very lucky this week, the Cooperative Academy came in to teach us French.  Four year 8 pupils taught us all about the what the different sports are in French. We were able to say in French which sports we like and which sports we don’t. We played le lotto (bingo) with the different sports.

J’adore le foot. Je detest le golf.  ” Miss Mellon

J’adore le cyclisme. Je detest le ping pong.  ” Stephanie

J‘adore le foot. Je detest le rugby.  ” Lee

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Week Beginning 30th January 2017

Google Expeditions

We went into the hall to take part in Google Expedition, (a virtual field trip). We put on a virtual head set and visited lots of different places.  Miss Mellon and Miss Kelly directed us to different places of interest.  These including: The Grand Canyon; The Coliseum: The Great Wall of China and the ocean.  We also go to see inside the human body and the dinosaurs.

‘I loved it but it made me feel like I was falling.’ Lauren.

‘When you looked down, it looked like you were walking on air.’  Rebeka

‘It was so cool; I didn’t want it to end.’ Blessing.

‘I loved it so much because we got to see different places.’ Olivia

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Safer Internet Day 7th February 2017

Leading up to safer internet day, we have been exploring how who should stay safe online.  To raise awareness to others, the children have created posters to help others stay safe online.  The children have learnt lots about keeping safe. This strongly fits in with our school’s value of keeping each other safe.

“We learnt that when you post something on YouTube and it’s public, people could comment nasty words.  If its private, only  people you want to see it, see it.” Taylor.

“I learnt that uploading videos aren’t a good idea and to always be careful about what you are writing online.”  Magaye

“Today in class, we made a poster on the computer to tell people to be safe on social media and websites.”  Tiegan.



Week beginning 6th February 2017

This week the children have been writing a newspaper report about a fossil that was found last year in North Yorkshire. This has a strong link to our topic Time snatchers, where we have been learning about how fossils are formed.

In maths we have been converting fractions to decimals.  When the children have mastered this skill, through applying it to reasoning and problem solving, they have been creating video blogs to explain the process of solving a fraction/decimal tarsia.  (This is like a mathematical jigsaw).  The children have thoroughly explained how they have slotted all the pieces of the jigsaw together correctly.  These will appear on our class page soon.

Our reading buddies, who are Alyssa, Cameron and Kirsten, have been working extremely hard with 3 children from year 3.  They are positive role models to the children and they are also helping to inspire a love of reading.
Well done.

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In addition to all of this fantastic news, the children’s art work has been fantastic this week and put up on display by Mr Holt.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks absolutely amazing.  The children have all worked incredibly hard on their African masks.


Wednesday 16th February 2017

We have already learnt so much about fossils we decided to make our own!

We looked at some photographs of fossils and designed our own in salt dough. Then, we cooked them to harden them and painted them brown so they look like they have been dug up!

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Week beginning 27th February 2017

This week we have been reading, writing, ordering and comparing decimals in maths.  The children have been using stem sentences to help them understand number with up to 3 decimals places.

In English, we have started our new unit.  On Tuesday, we found a bag in the hall, which belonged to a reporter called Monty Molenski.  Monty Molenski has been helping us to improve our writing.


English with Manchester City

On Tuesday, the children began a six week programme with Manchester City to develop their English skills through football.  The children were given a STAT sheet to tell each other about how good each other were at football.  The main aspects of this were; agility, passing, shooting and football intelligence.

“It was fun because we got to decide who was better at football” – Blessing

“I really enjoyed it!” – Olivia


World Book Day 2nd March 2017

For World Book Day, the children came dressed as their favourite character from their favourite book.  All of the children looked amazing in their costumes. During the day, we share our favourite books with year 3 and they shared theirs with us. The children were fantastic at reading to each other.

We also wrote our own story inspired by stories that we have read and by using our amazing, creative imagination to publish the best stories ever.  The children we super engaged in this. As soon as they have edited them, you will be able to see them in class and on here.

“It’s fun because we are making our own story.” – Josh

“Thinking about your own story was fun and challenging.” – Rebeka.

“Today, it was really fun to write a story about the character we are dressed up of and use our imagination” – Alyssa


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Week beginning 27th February 2017?

Forensic Science 

On Friday 17th February, Year 5 were invited to Our Lady’s Roman Catholic School to take part in an SPI day (Science Participation Inspiration).

When we arrived, we were informed of a crime that had been committed. One of the three suspects (who were trusted teachers) had stolen a bike by breaking and entering.

Our job was to work together to find out who had stolen the bike. Before we could begin, we had to ensure we did not tamper or cause damage to the evidence so we dressed appropriately.

We had to wear a full body, a mask, some goggles, gloves and protective footwear. This was to stop us from leaving any of our footprints, finger prints and hair at the scene.

Once we were protected, we were given the first clue…fingerprints of the criminal!

We discovered that every single person has their own unique finger print. We were able to take our own and compare them. We then looked at the suspect’s finger prints and matched them up to the prints found at the crime scene.

Next, we took our own footprints. Each had a unique print based on its brand. We were able to match our prints with those similar. We also profiled the DNA and were then able to discover who had committed the crime.

Week Beginning  6th March 2017

In English, we have continued to look at the book Scoop. We will be seeing if we can improve the book using all the skills which we have learnt throughout the unit.

In maths, we have been looking at decimals.  The children have been using stem sentences to help them remember the value of each digit before and after the decimal point. They have been orally rehearsing these to help them with this.

Manchester City Literacy Programme

This week the children have had the opportunity to work with Manchester City to develop their writing skills. They have written a mini autobiography. (A book about themselves). The children, as always, wrote fantastically and told Saul all about themselves.

“I really enjoy he lessons because he teaches well.” Olivia

“I enjoyed it when we had to work with our partners and they told us their opinion.” Taylor


Adoption of endangered Species

The children have been researching endangered species and looking at ways in which we can help these causes and how we can raise money to help these charities.

“I found out that you can adopt lots of animals, which endangered.  I would like to adopt a leopard.” Tiegan


Blackley Library Visit

On Thursday 9th March, we went to visit Blackley’s library.  The children were able to relax and enjoy a book of their choice. After this, the children were able to take a book back to school to enjoy in their free time.

“I thought it was really educational because I got to get a book and it made me feel like a college student.” –Magaye.

“It was nice and calm. There was loads of books and I couldn’t choose.” –Taylor

“I really enjoyed it because the books were really interesting.” –Olivia

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Tuesday 14th March 2017

Manchester City’s Life President  – Bernard Halford

Today, the children were honoured with a visit from Manchester City’s Life President Bernard Halford.  Leading up to Bernald’s visit, we read all about him and his career.  Here is what we read:

From reading this, the children generated lots of questions that they wanted to find out from Bernard.  These questions included:

“What is it like to be Manchester City’s Life President?” –Faye

“What did it feel like when you raised the FA Cup in 2011?” –Grace

“What was school like and did you have fun?” Stephanie

Bernard had a wealth of knowledge and he was extremely informative.  He certainly inspired all the children.  Bernard also brought the women’s trophies to show us. How exciting. We were even able to have our photographs taken with it!

We all feel extremely overwhelmed and privileged to have had Bernard in our academy.

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Pop Project

On Wednesday morning, we watched the Pop Project again.  It was amazing. It was all about music from other cultures and from all over the world.  We listened to different instruments, different styles of music and different singers, ranging from 1950-2010.

“It was really fun and we sang many songs that I really enjoyed.” –Joy

“It was really fun and we were all involved.  That’s what made it even better.” –Joshua

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Manchester University 15/03/17

Robogals Workshop

On Wednesday, the girls went to Manchester University to take part in a RoboGals workshop. They had the opportunity to look at different programming software and used them to programme robots to move around the room. They were then challenged to make their robots to complete an obstacle course, the group who had the most points at the end of the obstacle course won a prize! It was a great trip and the girls had lots of fun.






“It was really good and controlling the robots was great.” –Cassie

“I really loved programming a robot because I always dreamed of seeing one.” –Ivonna

“I thought it was really fun because we got to program robots and add sound effects and faces.” –Tiegan

Thursday 16th March

Class assembly

Our class assembly was all about the Futures Curriculum and how this fits with our academy improvement plan, more specifically a wondrous childhood.  The children were given the freedom to create the entire assembly themselves. They explained what the Futures Curriculum is; what we have done so far; what we are going to do next and what have we done extra to enable a wondrous childhood.

“The children were amazing, the assembly was funny and informative.  The children make me extremely proud.”  –Miss Mellon

“I really enjoyed it because it was fun to explain what we have been doing.” –Alyssa

“It was very inspiring because we were free to create the assembly.” –Blessing









British Science Week

On Thursday 16th March, we had a science day, with the Theme change.  e explored what change meant scientifically first.









The children then observed a change.  This change was then you put Skittles in a circle on a plate and add watch. Watch below to see the experiment.

From observing this, the children then generated lots of questions about what they had seen.










They were then given time to explore these questions.  They used a range of sweets, including: M&Ms, Smarties, Wine Gums,  Midget Gems and Millions.  They also used different liquids including: lemonade, coke, cherryade and milk.

Following this, we then explored one question further, which was:

If you put a marshmallow in the centre, would it soak up the colours?

Watch what happened…

“It was really really fun.” –Lee

“It was quite interesting.” –Archie

“Doing experiments with sweets is a lot different than doing experiments with something else.” –Stephanie

St Patrick’s Day

For St Patrick’s day, we watched a video that explained all about who St Patrick was and how he became a saint.

We then discussed what we found out from the video.  From this, we then created our own shamrocks on the computer and wrote a wish inside.
















Week Beginning 20th March  2017

This week, we have been looking at animals that are endangered or nearly endangered.  As a class we are looking at (more specifically) at the giant panda.  The children have been working in small groups to create a way (of their choice) to raise more awareness of the endangered animal and how to raise money to help the WWF support the giant panda.  The ideas that the children have had are:

  • A TV advert
  • A persuasive letter
  • A persuasive leaflet/booklet
  • A newspaper article
  • Role play
  • Power Point presentation
  • Persuasive poster

Next week, we are going to Manchester City for a stadium Tour and we are doing bike ability on Wednesday and Friday.


Thursday 23rd March 2017

Easter Experience.

On Thursday, we went to St Paul’s Church to experience the Easter Story.  We watched videos, performed role play and worked together to tell the Easter story. We learnt so much. So much we were able to retell the story from start to finish when we got back to school.

“I thought the kids story on the video was hilarious. They helped me to remember the story better.” Blessing.

“It was really fun and it helped me learn more about the Easter Story.” Faye.

Friday 24th March 2017

Meeting the chicks

We were extremely lucky today!!! Reception have been nurturing a life cycle as part of their futures curriculum.  They have looked after and observed the life cycle of a chick.  They brought them up to us to have a cuddle and all the children were super gentle and caring towards the chicks.

“Awww they were so cute and when I help mine it snuggled into my arm.” Taylor.

“They were so cute and fluffy.” Mckenzie

“They were really cute.  They were fun to hold.” David.

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Red Nose Day

For red nose day the children came dressed in red and donated money to comic relief.  As part of the day, we hosted a comedy show.  The children shared their favourite jokes with the class. We had a great time.

Check out some of their jokes here:


 Good Luck Miss Kelly
Since Christmas, Miss Kelly has been teaching in our class. Today, we wished her good luck as she continues with her teaching degree, with Manchester University.  The children will miss her greatly and she has been a fantastic asset to the show.  To say goodbye to the children, Miss Kelly treated the children to some new books to enjoy.  Miss Kelly read some of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams to the class just before home time.

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Raising Awareness Campaign

Endangered Animals

On Monday 27th March, we held a raising awareness afternoon.  The purpose of this was to inform parents and carers about animals that are endangered and how they can help these animals, so that they don’t become extinct.  The children had freedom to create something that will persuade the parents and carers to adopt a giant panda. They produced:

  • A TV advert
  • A Persuasive letter
  • An Explanation text
  • A poster
  • A leaflet
  • A blog
  • A powerpoint presentation and
  • A role play.

“It was really fun when the parents came in.” Grace.

“The cakes for sale were exotic.” Blessing.

“The hall was full of people helping to raise money for charity.” McKenzie.

“It was fun and I think we raised enough money.” Cassie.

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Manchester City Stadium Tour

On Tuesday 28th March, we concluded our Manchester city literacy programme with  a stadium tour.  It was a brilliant day.  The children and staff absolutely loved it.  We explored lots of places in and around the stadium including, pitch side; the heated seats; the home and away changing rooms; the tunnel; the warm up area and the TV area.  As well as seeing all of this, we were able to have our photo taken as a giant match attack card; our photo taken with Pep Guardiola (a cardboard cut-out) and  we took part in a cross bar challenge.  Well done to Lee for successfully hitting the cross bar.

Check out this video to see everything that we saw.

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it.” –Olivia.

“It was quite fun and I liked everything that was there.” –Archie

“It was fun.” -David


On Wednesday and Friday this week, the children have been learning to ride their bikes safely on and off the roads.  Initially, they complete their level one, which is skills such as turning, signalling and weaving.  Following the completion of this, the children then completed their level two, which consists of all the skills for level 1 with added road safety as well.  To find out more about Bike ability please visit:

“It was good and when we were cold and wet we didn’t give up.” –Kirsten

“It was fun and they taught us how to ride on the road.” –Joshua

“ It was really fun and I really liked it.” –Fatima

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Week Beginning 17th April 2017

In English this week, we have been looking at instruction texts.  We have looked at their features and how we can use these. On Wednesday, we created lava lamps by instructing each other through the process.  We then wrote a set of instructions to tell others how to make a lava lamp.

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In maths, we have been looking at angles.  On Tuesday, we went around the play group looking for obtuse, reflex, acute and right angles. We found lots. We have also used tape to create our own angles.  From this, we had to name the angle and estimate the size of the angle.

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Coaching with Manchester United
On Friday, we went to the MCMA to be coached by the Manchester United coaches. We spent 2 hours practicing skills, competing in competitions and taking part in the penalty shoot- out.







The penalty shoot-out winners were:





Joy said “It felt really good to win and it was good to try it out.”

Lauren “It made me feel really happy”

They all received a medal, check them out with their medals.










The competition winners were:











Jordan said “I was very excited when I won”

Taylor said “I thought it was good when we won.”

They all received a medal, check them out with their medals.







All the children received a certificate, which was presented to them by FRED the RED. What an amazing experience for the children.  Thank you so much to the MCMA and Manchester United.

Grace “I thought Fred was scary at first but he was a warm friendly creature.”

Blessing “It was great to experience football with the coaches, I hope we can do it again.”

Rebeka “There were lots of activities and it was fun”

Martyna “It was challenging to do the activities but they made it easy.”

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Week Beginning  24th April 2017

In maths this week, we have continued to explore angles by drawing, estimating, measuring and grouping angles. The children have also been solving angle problems. As well as this, every day we have been learning how to tell the time, alongside some time problems.

In English, we have been writing a set of instructions for our new mode of transport, which we have created as part of our topic ‘Manchester Through the Industrial Revolution’.  This mode of transport is designed for the future.  We had lots of different ideas, including: flying cars, hover cars and motorbikes that morph into helicopters.

In RE, we have been looking at Hinduism. We explored what the meaning of karma was and then designed board games with chance cards, which included positive and negative karma. We will be finishing off our board games next week.

Week beginning 1st May 2017

This week, we have been looking at fairy tales in English. We have been doing lots of drama, acting out stories from other character perspectives. We also did a conscience alley for Jack and the beanstalk, as we told the story.

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In Maths, we have been looking at angles in a triangle. We have been working out missing angles in a triangle through using the bar model and the column method. From this, we drew triangles by measuring angles given, with a protractor.  The children have worked so hard on this and have really mastered it.







Week beginning 8th May 2017

In English this week, we have continued to look at fairy tales. With these fairy tales we have considered how the stories would change if they were set in a historical setting.  For example; in Roman times; during the Industrial Revolution or during the World War.  From this, the children adapted a fairy tale to one of many historical settings.  As well as this, we have been learning about all the different tenses. We have been playing tenses bingo to help us remember them.

In maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes.  We have been using mathematical language to describe the shapes and label their properties. This then led us on to looking at different nets of 3D shapes. The children had to work out which net belonged to each shape, by using their prior knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes.

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During topic this week, we have been looking at cotton spinning and how this changed throughout the industrial revolution. We watched videos and looked at different pictures, pre, during and post industrial revolution.  From this, the children are going to imagine that they are cotton spinning in 1600’s and write a diary entry.  They will then discuss how different this diary entry will be if it was written in 1840, (as the Industrial Revolution was coming to an end).

In PSHE, we have continued to look at the book Wonder by R.J Palacio.  So far we have found out that it is about a 10 year old boy (August), who hasn’t been to school yet during to operations. His parents feel it is time for him to start middle school so he goes on a tour.  August feels everyone staring at him and laughing at him when he goes out, therefore, he is very apprehensive about going to tour this school. We stopped the book just as August was discussing with his parents about going to the school.  The children’s task was to write a encouraging letter to August reassuring him that everything was going to be OK.









Week Beginning  15th May 2017


This week in English, we have continued to look at the Wolf’s story.  We have been working on improving our sentence structure to help make our writing even more exciting.  We have been working on adding two or more clauses into a sentence and using commas to replace co-ordinating conjunctions.

As well as looking at the Wolf’s story, the children have been given the opportunity to read lots of other fairy tales for pleasure.  This will also help them when we begin writing our narrative from another character’s perspective next week.









In maths, we have continued to look at shape, more specifically regular and irregular polygons.  We have used Carroll diagrams to distinguish between regular and irregular polygons. The children used stem sentence to explain why a shape was regular and why a shape was irregular.








Life as a cotton spinner

In topic, we have continued to look at cotton spinning before and during the Industrial Revolution. We talked about how tough the conditions would have been Pre Industrial Revolutions and how people’s opinions of work would have changed during the Industrial Revolution.  From this, we wrote a series of diary entries dating from before the Industrial Revolution to the end of the Industrial Revolution.  Whilst writing these, we tried to use two or more clauses in some sentences to emphasise how much work had to be done.


This week, we have also completed our letters to August, persuading and reassuring him that everything will be OK when he starts middle school. Here are some WOW examples. Lots of these will be put up on display for everyone to see.

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We have also started to consider how August feels on the inside and we are building these feeling up inside August’s head.








These will be developed as we continue to read the book.

Makey Makey

In computing this week, we have been looking at programming, using the software Scratch. One of our targets on the Future’s Curriculum is to programme a computer game. We are going to use a Makey Makey kit to help us do this.  This week, we created our own music on Scratch using different sprites and different command.  We had to program it so that when a certain key is pressed, a certain sound will be created.

We also explored the Makey Makey equipment and used bananas and peppers to control when the music played.








Week Beginning 22nd May 2017

WOW Narratives

This week in English, we have looked at WOW examples of narratives and discuss what makes the WOW.  We then spent some time planning our narrative in any way we wanted to. Some children lay down and some children even took their shoes off.

The children then wrote their narratives, editing it as they went along. These narratives were amazing.  This children were so eager to publish them so we binded them all together in a book, which is now on display outside the classroom.

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Reflection and Translation

In maths, we have been looking at reflection and translation.  We have explored co-ordinates of shapes to help us to translate them correctly.  The children became fluent and were then able to reason and problem solve.  From this, we looked at exam questions and how to use the skills we had learnt to answer them.

Summer 2

Week beginning 5th June 2017

Explanation texts

This week in year 5, we have been looking at explanation texts in English.  We have read lots of different explanation texts and discussed what makes an explanation text.  We have also looked at the manifestos for the General Election and the children wrote a persuasive paragraph or two about the party that they would vote for, if they could.

Converting Measurements

In maths, we have been looking at converting measurements.  We have looked at problems involving mm, cm, m, km, ml and l.  The children used concrete, pictorial and abstract to work these out.  These children really mastered this.








Forces and Motion

As part of ‘Manchester Through the Industrial Revolution,’ we will be now looking at forces and motion and how this has changed over this. To HOOK the children in, we have designed our own mechanism, which they will make next week.  They have had to think about the resources they will need and how their mechanism will move.

Co-operative Academy of Manchester Taster Day





On Monday 12th June 2017, we went for a taster day at one of our feeder high schools, the Co-operative Academy of Manchester.  Whilst we were there, the children met some of the school’s leadership team; they had a tour of the academy and they experienced 3 high school lessons.

Lesson 1 – Mathematics.

During this lesson, we were learning about percentages.  Part of this was to solve multi-step problems to work out how much it would cost to renovate a garden.

‘It was really hard but we had a growth mind-set to help us.’ Grace

‘I did enjoy it, the challenge was just right.’ Stephanie.

Lesson 2 – Science

In science, the teacher demonstrated different experiments, which were all chemical reactions.  We were then given the opportunity to try some of these ourselves.

‘I enjoyed the lesson using all the different chemical and fire.’ Martyna.

‘I thought it was fun when we made our own chemical reactions.’ Jordan.

Lesson 3 – Art

In art, we were given a task, which involved different questions based on the art that we were going to explore.  The theme of the lesson was Mexico, from this theme we decorated our own sombreros. These were made up of lots of colours and lots of patterns.

‘I liked when we made our own sombrero.’ McKenzie

‘I really liked it when we used lots of bright colours.  I also liked asking lots of questions and doing partner work.’ Chloe.

‘We had great taster day and the children behaved beautifully.  They were a credit to the academy.’  Miss Mellon.

‘I enjoyed the day and my favourite lesson was art.’ Cassie

‘It was a fun day because we had the opportunity to take part in high school lessons.’ Kirsten.

Our Visitors from Brazil.

Every year, Manchester City in the Community sends coaches out to various countries across the world to deliver coach education to develop young leaders as part of our Cityzens project. They then bring them all together in Manchester at our Young Leaders Summit, which will this year be led by CITC and will run from June 12-16th. The aim is to allow the young leaders to come together, share their experiences and learn a bit more about the work we do in Manchester.  This is a fantastic and unique opportunity for both the young leaders and for all the children at the academy.  We are all incredibly excited.

The leaders delivered an assembly to the whole school, explaining why they were here and they shared some of their experiences with the children.  In the assembly, we watched a video all about the partnership and the foundation.  As well as this we took part in some singing and dance from Brazil.

“I loved watching the assembly because it was funny.” Lauren

“I enjoyed it when some pupils got to join in with the Samba.” Alicia

“It was almost like a comedy show, I loved it.” Blessing

“The assembly was really fun.  We learnt more about Brazil and it was really funny.” Faye

The leaders then ran a P.E. lessons for us. We played lots of different activities and we used music to communicate as English was the leader’s second language.

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Also, on Friday, some children are going to the final day of the summit at Manchester City, where all the leaders and all the schools come together for a celebration event. How exciting!

Week Beginning 12th June 2017

This week, year 5 have been looking at explanation texts.  We have learnt how to use a dash to add extra information, lots about determiners and more effective ways to edit and improve our writing.

In maths, we have been looking at measurement still and convert between different units. The children have really mastered this now.  Next week, we will be looking at area and perimeter.

Week Beginning 19th June 2017

This week in English, we have planned and written our explanation text about our new mechanism. We considered how it would move and how it would benefit its users.  We looked more closely at using dashes to add extra information to out explanation text.

In Maths, we have started to look at the perimeter of composite shapes.  We initially used a ruler to measure the perimeter.  Once we could do this, we moved onto using the bar model to work out missing side, to allow us to work out the perimeter.

Week Beginning 26th June 2017

Making our mechanism

This week we started to build our new mechanism.  These ranged from; safes, cars, phone cases and fidget spinner.  Check out the children in action.

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This week we also had our visitors in from the CO-OP Academy teaching us French again.  This week were learnt about different items of clothing and the colours.

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Week Beginning 3rd July 2017

In English this week, we have continued to look at discussion texts.  We have had several debates using subordination for comparison.  The children really grew in confidence as we did this.  We then looked at a range of discussion texts. We talked about their features and we worked together to improve them.

In English this week, we have continued to look at discussion texts.  We have had several debates using subordination for comparison.  The children really grew in confidence as we did this.  We then looked at a range of discussion texts. We talked about their features and we worked together to improve them.

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Reading Comprehension

  • Children in Year 5 will be encouraged to read a wide range of may listen to and discuss a variety of stories, non-fiction texts, poetry, plays and textbooks in order to understand that texts are structured in different ways and written for different purposes.
  • They will be encouraged to complete book reviews, giving reasons for their opinions and making comparisons with other texts.
  • Children will be reminded to check their reading makes sense, discussing their understanding of the meaning of certain vocabulary as they read. They might also be encouraged to ask questions about the text to further develop their understanding of what is going on and draw inference about character actions, speech or motives, providing evidence. Inference involves using the clues in the story or picture to make a good guess. It involves figuring something out which isn’t fully explained and draws on a child’s existing knowledge of the world.
  • They will also be encouraged to make predictions based on what they’ve already read, summarise key points to show good comprehension and look out for interesting phrases that authors uses.
  • Parent Information.
    • It is important that your child reads every night, if possible to an adult, but don’t worry if that is not possible. Ten- fifteen minutes every night is fine, as long as they are reading and they have understood what they have read. Please make sure they are recording the number of pages that they have read and are writing something about that section, in their green reading journals. Allow your child access to a dictionary so that they can check the meaning of words which they cannot work out themselves (there are free ones online).
    • Homework will be set every Friday and is expected to be back in school the following Friday. Please encourage your child to complete homework on time. If your child is struggling with anything, they should ask a teacher for help – that is what we are here for!
    • It is also very important to make sure they have plenty of sleep and early nights.7

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