Curriculum overview

Themes and Values Yearly Overview

Long Term Yearly Plans

Literacy / English
As your child becomes a confident reader and writer, our literacy provision will change with them, challenging and nurturing their new skills. We will use a range of targeted intervention programmes for those children that would benefit from a little extra support. We will promote opportunities for children to practice these skills at home through a range of ICT software.

Numeracy / Maths
In their early years at the academy we will use many resources – including indoor and outdoor play – to pique your child’s interests in numbers. As their understanding deepens, they will benefit from more formal teaching and number activities.

We will purchase ‘Mathletics’; this online resource allows children to compete against others in the UK and overseas on a range of fun and exciting maths challenges. Intervention programmes will be used to target those children at risk from under-achieving.

Physical Education
It’s important to teach even young children about the relationship between physical activity and their personal wellbeing. PE lessons will also include education about healthy eating.

Information and Communication Technology
ICT will run through our whole curriculum, with even the youngest children in our academy becoming familiar with computers and concepts of safety online. Lessons will feature interactive whiteboards, used by both teachers and pupils.

Religious Education
RE will be an important part of our curriculum, for all age groups. Just as our academy is reflective of multicultural Britain, and inclusive for everyone, so will our RE classes explore a wide range of faiths.

As well as teaching science as a subject in its own right, we will ensure that it features in lessons and activities across the board, helping children to make valuable connections between science and other areas of their learning.

Modern Foreign Languages
We will introduce  modern foreign language lessons in Year 1, giving children the chance to acquire useful vocabulary, have fun playing games and singing, and discover from a young age the joy of learning a foreign language.

The Arts
Creativity will be hugely important to the life of our academy, and we will look to link with and access the resources and expertise at the E-ACT Oldham Academy North which specialises in Performing Arts. Music and singing will be encouraged in their own right, and used to enhance the rest of the curriculum.

Personal, Social and Health Education
PSHE boosts your child’s self esteem and emotional intelligence by exploring concepts that include confidence, resilience, tolerance and respect. Visitors such as health workers will come in to teach about healthy living and personal safety.

Curriculum enrichment
We will enhance normal lessons with trips and visits from outside speakers, such as artists in residence. We will also organise immersion weeks, where pupils can explore a topic in depth and work with learners of different ages.

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