E-ACTs Groundwork Landscapes

E-ACTs Groundwork Landscapes

What was once an unusable field at the back of E-ACT Blackley Academy, is now well on it’s way to becoming an exciting landscaped haven for both pupils, staff and wildlife!

The project is due to be completed by the end of the October break and will consist of various fruit and woodland trees, an astroturf football pitch and an amphitheatre style seating area, surrounded by polished deck walk ways.

There are also numerous raised beds that will be planted with various herbs and vegetables and a wetland is being created that will host different types of wetland plants, creating a natural habitat for wildlife. To the rear of the wetland there will be a man made meadow featuring wild flowers.

Watch this space for updates and pictures of the finished project!

Lead: Paul Beard,

E-ACT Blackley groundsworks